Project Site

Da sich inzwischen doch ein paar kleine aber feine private Projekte angesammelt haben, gibt es nun eine neue site wo alle Projekte an einer Stelle zu finden sind:

Für den Proxy Switcher gibt es dort nun auch ein Forum, damit nicht alle Fragen verstreut über die einzelnen Blog Posts verteilt werden.

Außerdem gibt es dort noch zwei andere kleine Tools: AutoHistory for Word 2007 und den Browser Selector.

AutoHistory for Word 2007

I’ve created a new little tool, which is called AutoHistory (for Word 2007).

I got the inspiration from Visual Local History for Visual Studio. This tool automatically creates a backup every time you save a file.

AutoHistory now provides the same functionality within Word 2007. Everytime you save your document (and something has changed), a backup is created.

From now on you will never lost important information. You can restore every version you’ve ever saved, even if you do not use a version control system (like Team Foundation Server or Subversion).

This tool is fully integrated in Word 2007 within the View Ribbon:


If you check the checkbox you will see all saved versions of the current document:


Within this taskpane you can easily view and restore every version.

You can download the setup from here:

Please feel free to drop me a line, if you have any questions or suggestions: mail at mwiedemeyer dot de.