A new version of SPSync is available

SPSync gets one step closer to a final version.

The most important thing: It can now connect to SharePoint sites by using NTLM or ADFS claims based authentication. Also SPSync now uses ClickOnce so it can start without the need for administrator permissions and updates automatically. Furthermore a lot of minor fixes are included to improve the sync capabilities.

Regarding the setup process, I will include a “standard” MSI install package for the final version to be ready for enterprise automatic software deployments.

One known issue: Only HTTPS servers are supported right now. The next version should include HTTP support also.

Please update to the latest version now. DOWNLOAD HERE

To provide feedback use support (at) spsync(dot)net or the FEEDBACK button on http://spsync.net

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Dear Marco, just found your tool on the internet. From what you say it sounds wuite nice but unfortunatelly I cannot make it work. I have installed, configured a synch configuration and nothing happend actually. Then I read that you only support https at this point. So, I configured my test sharepoint to listen to https as well, still no success. Actually I chose to sync either all or just the one document library selectd and just nothing happens. When I open synch it always says idle.
Exact the same url + attached document library as i have set in the synch configuration works in a browser, so the target configured is correct. authentication also shoudl work, because at the very beginning I left these fields empty and got an authentication error popup.
Any idea what might be wrong?

thanks for testing. Make sure, that "Site Url" does not contain the document library and that this is accessible:
You do not get any error message? Within the installation folder you can find a log.txt file. Can you send it to me? support (a.t.) proxyswitcher.net
You can find the installation folder somewhere below:
where XXXXX and YYYYY are random identifier.

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