Microformats und LiveClipboard Outlook 2007 AddIn

Heute gibt es mal einen Beitrag auf Englisch.

Yesterday I read the new dotnet-magazin issue (1/2.07), and the best article was: "Die Zwischenablage wird lebendig" (Page 107), an article about Microformats and Microsoft Live Clipboard.
The LiveClipboard is XML-based and using Microformats to transport Businesscards (vCard), Appointments (iCal) or other things you can think about.

What can I do with Live Clipboard?

An Example: You are on Xing (openBC) or LinkedIn and want easily copy one of your contacts to your Outlook Addressbook, you normally have to create a new Contact in Outlook, copy each line from the website with CTRL+C, CTRL-V to the corresponding fields in Outlook and save.
With Live Clipboard you can right click the contact on the website, select Copy from context-menu (or use CTRL+C), go to Outlook and paste it there. Ready! No more things to do.

Well, because Live Clipboard isn't really widespread, most Websites are not yet Live Clipboard enabled. An alternative is using Firefox with Tails. Xing supports the Firefox Tail extension, but I think Live Clipboard will be the better technology, if more websites will support it.

You can use Live Clipboard today, with Internet Explorer and Firefox (I hope Opera will support it in the next release too). Ray Ozzie has a sample website where you can play around with LiveClipboard, and also implement Live Clipboard (and your contact informations) on your own website (more on this in one of my next posts).

What about Outlook?

Yes you're right... Outlook does not support LiveClipboard out-of-the-box, but I build an AddIn for Outlook 2007 with VSTO 2005 SE. If you want to try it, download the Live Clipboard Outlook AddIn here!
Systemrequirements: VSTO runtime, Outlook 2007. (Successfully tested with Windows Vista RC1 and Outlook 2007 B2TR). Don't know if it will work with Outlook 2003, but when, let me know.

After installing and change to a Folder containing Contacts, there is a new MenuItem:

Also there is a new context-menu-item on a Contact available:

If you now go to a website that offers a contact through Live Clipboard, indicated by this icon , you can copy and paste to Outlook easily.

More on VSTO can be found in MSDN or at outlookcode.com.

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